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Vibhor Mittal of Houston - The Art of Photography

Vibhor Mittal is exceptionally skilled and is known throughout the area for his work. Even in the modern age of smart phones, specialized cameras, and tablets, his work stands out above the rest. Vibhor Mittal is an amazing photographer, who is known for his great portrait work and capturing events including weddings, birthdays and studio shoots.

Photography being an as art versus mere documentation has been debated since 1839, when the daguerreotype was unveiled as the first efficient method to create lasting still pictures.

"The camera's ability to mechanically record what it aimed at gave it instant value for reportage in a manner far more powerful than the painter's tools," says photographer Mark Chamberlain. "The popular perception was that the photograph does not lie, that it recorded reality. This gave the photograph unparalleled power."

Due to the new invention, the careers of illustrators and painters from 1839 was jeopardized by the camera, which they often viewed as a mechanical device or passing fancy, rather than as an artist's tool. Nowadays, photography has earned a name for itself and the art community has embraced photography as art. Michael Govan, Director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, agrees. He wrote in the book, "See the Light," "Twenty-first-century encyclopedic museums such as LACMA must maintain a substantial commitment to photography and media if we hope to narrate the many histories of art over the past two centuries..." Vibhor Mittal agrees with this statement and sees unlimited potential with the art form.


Vibhor Mittal, Serials

Vibhor Mittal is a great lover of writing. Writing is one of his favorite things to do. He is also a passionate reader and he follows a number of riders in specific genres across the spectrum. One of the things that he loves most about reading is some of the novels which are serialized in a lot of cases. Such famous book franchises such as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Tom Clancy books have a lot of fans and are well known. He seeks and definitely reads most of these titles as well. He is a big fan of the storylines that continue through this expression of characters that brings people back for more and introduces new characters and situations through each volume that comes out. One of the most interesting things of course is the aspect of these situations which have overarching story arcs that span the books. Trilogies are especially popular as they seem to be sort of the standard in serialized novelization. Other books have taken on even longer lives and their characters and generations of characters within them continue on in new and interesting adventures. This world of stories have captured the imaginations of millions and he feels that the best storytellers keep bringing people back into these ongoing situations by building up characters and bringing her audiences along with them through interesting adventures. That is one of the greatest aspects of this type of literature which is undeniably compelling and popular. Today there are serial novels of all types for audiences at many levels.

Why I Need Art and Science in my Life

Vibhor Mittal of Houston has been called many things. Savant. Idiot. Genius. Fact-based. Renaissance man. And a whole bunch of other words that are four to five letters long. But he doesn’t let the good go to his head or take the bad to heart. He enjoys exploring the world around him as both part of the nature of his existence and the science of life.

Long ago, Vibhor Mittal of Houston decided he wanted to know everything. After reading a long and hefty book, he would think—I could never write something that big. Sometimes, after watching a PBS documentary, he would marvel at the knowledge of the narrator. Though he was too young to understand how much of that was scripted, even today he marvels at how much knowledge people can attain.

The parents of Vibhor Mittal of Houston would always say that education is the most important, just before lecturing him about finishing his vegetables. Though at the time he felt like they were a broken record, lifelong learning has created a desire for continued learning. Curiosity drives this, leaving him wondering things like why a balloon pops when it gets too close to the sky.

Vibhor Mittal of Houston acknowledges that hard sciences, like engineering, physics, or chemistry, are right for everyone.

Sometimes, after slogging through equations at work, he’ll get stuck and wonder why the steel can’t just conform to the furnace’s demands. This makes him smile. To his mind, lifelong scholars live more filling lives.


Why Perspective Matters

Vibhor Mittal, of Houston Texas, spends lots of time walking up and down the city streets. Not with head down and hands jammed in pockets, but rather looking ahead, up at the buildings, at faces passing by, at the worn fences next to him. Angles and lines are everywhere, from the Dunkin’ Donuts on the corner of 5th to the streetwalkers that parade down cracked sidewalks in that part of town. What Vibhor Mittal see in Houston streets is art.


Finding smooth lines contrasted against the jagged, roads that cut off sight sharply are thrilling.  Climbing and then diving over the crest of a hill, and then seeing the chaotic hilarity brought by construction sends Vibhor Mittal’s mind swirling with artful images. Where will you be when inspiration strikes? For Vibhor Mittal, Houston has inspiration everywhere. And he is always on the hunt for perspective.

Perspective will change how people feel about certain images. Art is subjective… except when it is not. Anyone can read a paper or look at badly drawn pictures and realize for the medium, there is absolutely no talent. Open some photography book, any book, and think about what sense of place you get based on where the artist created perspective. Would the view be different if it was, literally, from the other side of the pond? Or the top of the hill instead of the bottom?

Vibhor Mittal suggests finding a way to invest yourself in your setting. Read about lines. They guide the eye. The cool part is, once you learn about the tricks that get played on the eye, you are forever unable to erase them from memory.

50 Shades of Photography


What do you think about black and white photography? Vibhor Mittal of Houston has some opinions. When he is in Houston, establishing shots, he likes to drink pickle brine juice and eat cheese, but he would never want to do that on a date. First of all, the date would think he was weird. Secondly, with that breath there is no way he’d get a kiss at the door.

Vibhor Mittal, a Houston photographer likes to take panoramic shots of the countryside.

What Vibhor Mittal of Houston is trying to say is that there is a time and a place for everything. You do not want to always use B&W photos “just because it is artsy.” Instagram could very well destroy the worlds of professional photographers, because doctored pictures are all the rage. That trend does not seem to be dying down anytime soon.

Vibhor Mittal of Houston doesn’t like black and white photography reduces the subject to a noir palette of emotion. It places your picture with the expectation that the curvature, perspective, and lines will follow a certain form. Sometimes that is okay, but there is a time and a place for everything.

If Vibhor Mittal is in Houston appreciating the colors, why shouldn’t you? Don’t you deserve to have a slice of our iron-soaked dirt? Or the greenery that blasts the landscape until the earth is scorched by our relentless summers? Mittal would like to think so. Remember to consider that there is a time and place for everything, including over-stylized art.



Vibhor Mittal and Point of View

Point of view matters in your everyday world, whether you realize it or not. Engineer, artist and photographer Vibhor Mittal of Houston Texas is always looking at different points of view. As an engineer to see the world a very concrete, mathematical, chemical and scientific point of view this world is constructed of laws and absolute as well as relationships between different things on a molecular and property level as an artist and lover of art which includes the subject of poetry, there are multiple points of view that can be construed through the expression of art.

For example what looks like white and uniformity can also bring out emotions of human perseverance and industriousness. When it is properly captured and expressed it can make a statement on its own which is not bound by the boundaries of science in any way. Perception matters in these cases, which leads us to another facet which is his embrace of photography. Photography is an art in itself that combines science and captures images of moments in time.

The art is in the eye of the photographer, who finds the subjects and picks out those things of beauty that distinguish them and make them worth recording. The science comes into play when it comes time to decide how best to capture this image which is a moment of presentation of light. The photographer must know how to capture that light best into his camera using the laws of science to dictate things like aperture, capture speed, lens types, filters and an understanding of light.


Vibhor Mittal - Taking Care of Houston's Community


Vibhor Mittal gives of his time selflessly by volunteering to service the local community, helping to keep parks clean and feed the local homeless. Many people know of Houston big oil contributions, but few fail to realize what is below the surface of wealth. He is considered a very considerate and caring individual by many in the community, a resident who is dedicated to making Houston a better place.

Vibhor Mittal Houston says that if you want to volunteer, there are many great organizations. In fact in 1974, a group of Houstonians who were involved in the philanthropic community saw that the growing number of nonprofit organizations were in need of a better way to engage citizens as volunteers in providing service to the community. After searching for a solution, they organized a local Volunteer Center to serve as a clearinghouse for volunteers. Houston’s Volunteer Center became a part of a large national network of organizations with the same mission.

How Can You Make a Difference?

There are so many ways to volunteer; the choices can often be overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider: The amount of time you have; Your level of commitment; Are you volunteering as a group; Issues that you are passionate about; Your hopes in regards to gaining from the experience. Vibhor Mittal feels that he has gained so much throughout the years and will continue to help the local community in any way possible. He thinks that everyone should try it once, and see the rewards.